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Making Your Compliance with the Whistleblower Protection Act Easy

The legal landscape for businesses and public institutions in the EU has changed with the introduction of the Whistleblower Protection Act (HinSchG). This law, a direct result of the EU Whistleblower Directive, demands a new level of transparency and accountability from organizations.

What you need to know

The HinSchG is binding for a wide range of organizations. Companies with more than 50 employees and all municipalities with over 10,000 residents are required to establish internal reporting systems. This allows employees to confidentially report various types of violations and thus promotes a culture of integrity and responsibility.

Numbers and Branches overview

  • Companies: Every company with over 50 employees must comply with the requirements of the HinSchG. This applies to a wide range of industries, from the financial and healthcare sectors to retail and technology companies.
  • Municipalities: All municipalities with a population of over 10,000 residents are required to implement mechanisms for the secure and confidential reporting of violations.

What does this mean for you specifically?

The implementation of an efficient, secure, and user-friendly whistleblowing system is not only a legal requirement but also a crucial step in strengthening organizational integrity. Our Whistletube offers a tailored solution that meets the specific needs and challenges of your company, municipality, or clients.

React Now

The clock is ticking. Take a clear stand for ethical behavior and transparency in your organization. With Whistletube, you not only meet the requirements of the HinSchG but also promote a culture of responsibility and trust.

Discover the powerful, user-friendly solution that makes compliance easy, secure, and effective. The future of corporate integrity begins here and now - be a part of it!