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Our full service solution - an all-inclusive package.

With WhistleTube, you not only get a top-notch software solution but also the promise of comprehensive service. Learn how we accompany you from start to finish to ensure that your whistleblower system operates smoothly and successfully.

For Companies

With WhistleTube and our partner law firm, we're taking whistleblower protection to the next level. A seamless, intuitive, and fully compliant solution tailored for your business.


Legally compliant

Developed in accordance with the latest legal requirements. We ensure that you are always on the safe side. Protecting whistleblowers, securing companies.


Simplicity meets expertise

A clear, user-friendly interface, supported by the expertise of a renowned law firm. We make it straightforward and secure.


Always Up-To-Date

Transparency is at the forefront. Stay informed, act with confidence, and build trust - with every step.

Experience WhistleTube. Where technology and law go hand in hand. Contact us and enter a world of security, compliance, and simplicity.