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Rapid Deployment - No Compromises

With WhistleTube, you have the ability to combine the management of multiple organizations within one system. At the same time, you have full access to all the features and capabilities that WhistleTube has to offer. This allows you to handle all reports from various clients in a single instance, without the need to switch between different systems.

  • Handling Multiple Clients in One System
  • Custom Branding for Forms
  • Centralized Management of Reports
  • No User Limitation

Multi-Organization Management

With WhistleTube, coordinating multiple clients and organizations becomes effortless. Manage reports from different clients seamlessly within a single, centralized platform.


Unlimited User Access

WhistleTube allows for the creation of unlimited accounts for your employees, promoting a collaborative, effective, and harmonized work environment.


Customized Tailoring

WhistleTube enables you to personalize the user interface to match your clients' corporate design. This includes individual branding of the report submission forms, ensuring a cohesive and professional presentation.


White-Label Solutions


The flexibility and adaptability of our platform allow law firms to create a whistleblower protection system tailored to their specific needs and those of their clients. This not only fosters trust and credibility but also enhances case management efficiency.


Central Management and Efficient Assignment

WhistleTube provides the option to assign contact persons within each organization, ensuring focused, systematic, and effective handling of incoming reports and maximizing your law firm's efficiency and responsiveness.

Your optimal SaaS solution for advanced, responsive, and personalized whistleblower case management awaits you. With WhistleTube, whistleblower protection, as well as the efficiency and effectiveness of your law firm, are redefined. Contact us to explore the tailored solution for your business.